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I got rid of all the sagging fat from aging.

“I think it was after I turned 40. I started to gain weight and my face looked like it was bloated. My calves and thighs ware about twice as big and my tummy turned like a huge mountain.”
R** said she used to be slim in childhood. “I started to gain weight all of the sudden and my body changed from a glamorous body to a plump body. “It was then when people around her started to look at her differently. When she went to a class reunion or a social party, she could find many women her age looking like beautiful young ladies. She felt miserable by looking at herself getting bigger when she knew that she can be pretty like others.
“I’ve heard that women stop caring about their body or face as they age, especially after giving birth but it was all an old story. Women around me nowadays, especially middle class Russian women are strict about self-care.”
It’s not that she never tried. She bought and ate healthy food. She also took diet pills. She went to the gym and signed up for a 1:1 personal training. She put a lot of effort to lose weight with time and money but it was not easy at all.
She thought that she was trying constantly. But others did not notice the difference. The problem was that her body line did not improve very much. She lost her confidence little by little and even went through a huge side effect. Her skin started to sag as she lost fat on her arms and tummy area.
“I didn’t lose weight that much but all of my fat started to sag. Skin sagged under my chubby arm when I lifted my arm. I cried myself in sleep. I didn’t have to be pretty, I just wished to have a skinny body.”
Her friend recommended her to go on a medical tour. It was like a trend to go on a medical tour to Korea in Russia nowadays. Many of people in Russia travel overseas to get medical treatment because medical care in Russia is falling behind. If people went to Western Europe or the U.S. to get medical treatment in the past, they are now traveling to Singapore or Korea. It was very helpful that her friend knew about Korea very well because she did study abroad in Korea a year.
“My friend told me that she doesn’t know about other surgeryies, but Korea is the best country to go for skin care or plastic surgery. She said all of the hospitals are equipped with up-to-date equipments and provide devoted services. We joked about how we can only see signs of hospitals at night in the middle of Seoul because there are just so many. The medical team and nursing staff were quite professional and had a lot of experience.”
Her friend underwent skin care treatment once a week while she was studying abroad in Seoul. R** got rid of her wrinkles with Botox and fillers and did a liposuction on few of her body parts. But she needed much more work done. She’s done surgical excision on her arms, tummy and her sides. She also got 360 degrees liposuction and got rid of fat on her face and chin, then proceeded with wrinkle care treatment. She paid a high price for the surgery but the result was so amazing that she regretted not coming to Korea sooner.
“I was surprised about two things when I came to Korea. First was that there were so many Russian people in the hospitals in Seoul. Second, the fact that they came to get plastic surgery or for skin care purposes. I realized that these women come from various citis like Moscow, Vladyvostok and Irkutsk to get cosmetic treatment on eye, nose, skin, breast, hips and so on.”
She was quite satisfied that she came for the treatment and attained a slender body after all these years even though she felt she was little behind others. She headed to a studio with her husband to take photos of herself after the treatment. Her husband became a huge medical treatment supporter. He laughed at the photo saying that it was funny how she turned so young and beautiful while he was looking so old.
“I always looked forward to the day when I could go to a party with a pretty dress on and that day has come around so quick. I want to cherish this moment for a long time.
(R**, 45 years old from Moscow, Liposuction and Skin Excision)
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