Find the Best Doctor in Korea

Our Advantage

Find the Best Doctor for You in Korea
What we do best is finding the perfect doctor who fits our client’s necessity. We find the most ideal hospital and doctor for the client by conducting a 1:1 consultation with the client rather than one-way recommendation. We would resolutely suggest you to another country’s hospital if the treatment you are looking for isn’t a field where Korea is best at.
Our Three Steps Verification System
We developed a three steps verification system to find the best doctor for our clients. First we provide a list of hospitals primarily selected according to the client’s need. Then we narrow the list down to a small number of hospitals by conducting a consultation with the client. Lastly, the client comes to Korea and visits his/her own choice of hospitals to have a consultation with the doctors in order to make the final decision. We always help the client to choose the best hospital by explaining pros and cons and give advices.
Clear and Affordable Price
In Korea, the current patent share rate in the U-health field is 41.5%, compared to 29.8% in the U.S.A. and 22.4% in Japan. This shows that Korea’s medical industry is at a high level. The hospitals are equipped with high-tech equipment and provide a high level of medical treatment for a reasonable price because of their competitiveness. DocfinderKorea offers a transparent price system based on treatment, hospital and service. The client pays the medical fee directly to the hospital to operate a clear price payment system.