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Breast surgery Made Me Live a Dream

“They are C cups.” T** almost bursted tears when she heard what the doctor said during consultation. She said that her life turned around 180 degrees after she got “Water Drop” breast enlargement surgery which is the newest technique.
“My breasts looked alright before I gave birth. But they disappeared after giving birth to two children and 2 years of breast-feeding. I’m happy whenever I see my children as a mom but I thought my life was over as a woman.”
She used to go to Hua Hin or Koh Samui resorts for vacation when she was single. She is tall and had decent size breasts and it made her look fabulous in bathing suits. But she couldn’t even go near water after she got married and had kids. After serious consideration getting a breast enlargement surgery, she was introduced to DocfinderKorea through an agency in Bangkok and decided to come to Korea.
“The thought of not having to stuff my bra made me so happy. I couldn’t even sleep well thinking that it was finally time to say good-bye to my small breasts. I was so excited while packing everything that I needed in my suitcase and it was the exciting moment among any of my other travel so far.”
She chose “Gangnam Style” breast surgery which is the most popular among women in Seoul nowadays, teardrop breast surgery. It’s called tear drop because of its appearance. It is the newest technique and she liked the fact that it looks more natural.
“There are lots of women who have done breast augmentation surgery. But all of them look so pointy and fake. Normal women like me want to have breasts that look more natural.”
As a result, she was 300% satisfied with her decision. She had a big smile on her face when she said she couldn’t fit into her old bras. She felt super sexy when her breasts almost popped out when she tried on a dress. She went to a beach for vacation and walked in the sand wearing a bikini. Her husband told her that she looked so happy after the surgery. She felt more satisfied that other people can see her happiness too.
She told us that she would never forget the time spent in Korea. The view she saw right before the surgery of white snow covering the whole street was very beautiful. Then she considered that snow as a sign of good luck, since the surgery result was really good. There was another fun episode in Korea.
“I had a Korean ginseng soup for my last meal and I fell asleep right after finishing the whole chicken because it was super delicious. In my dream I could see how those two chicken breasts grew larger and larger and the chicken turned into a beautiful Korea celebrity.
How is she doing 8 months after the surgery?
“They feel so soft and they look much more natural. The surgical scar is hidden in my arm pit wrinkles. It doesn’t look like or feel like it was done by a surgery. I’ve heard that breast surgery has the most satisfaction rate and I’ve been feeling it myself.”
My children are amazed at how my breasts got bigger and my husband comes home from work so much faster than before the surgery.
“I’m so happy that I have forgotten the hard time during recovery. I will take extra good care of my breasts until I die and I will not have more babies anymore.”
(T**, 33 years old, from Bangkok, teardrop Breast Surgery)
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