K-Culture Experience Service

What We Do
A We select restaurants and catering services depending on the foods that you like or dislike. A restaurant will also be chosen according to your religion, for example Halal-food.
B If you want, we would be pleased to take you to visit famous restaurants introduced in TV dramas or movies.
C If you wish to stay with your family and cook for yourself, we help you to buy fresh ingredients and check-in the best residence hotel.
D We recommend ‘jjimjilbang’ a Korean dry sauna, karaoke, video room, and multi room in one where you could can play video games and more in your spare time after the surgery.
E If you are interested in becoming a Super Star in Korea, we would provide the information to achieve your goal. In case you are excellent in singing, we can help you to apply for an audition in Korea.
F We can bring you to shooting locations for Korean drama or music broadcasting if the schedule is available.
H Korean celebrities often go out to enjoy clubs with a special atmosphere. We will help you so that you can enjoy ecstatic nightlife in Korea.
We do our best to make possible whatever you want to experience or try out in Korea.