docfinderkorea service testimonials


  • “I feel like I was getting a hotel service from the arrival to departure. I’m thankful for such a great kindness.” (Singapore, 58)
  • “I could make a decision after comparing pros and cons of each hospital. I would’ve given up on coming to Korea if I was to do it by myself.” (Moscow, 33)
  • “It was extra convenient because they took care of everything from the start. I told them what I liked and they explained all of the restaurants, clubs and travel attractions that I might like.”(Hongkong, 29)
  • “The comparative descriptions of breast enlargement surgery per doctor and per treatment were very reliable.”(Singapore, 23)
  • “I hope I could have a pretty face and nice body just like korean superstars”(Beijing, 25)
  • “I didn’t expect the consultant to be so professional. He recognized what kind of problem I had, which surgery was needed and how it can get better by a glance.”(Hongkong, 45)
  • “I dreamed of becoming a singer by watching k-pop audition programs. It feels like a dream that I went to Super Star K and participated in an audition. It was incredible.”(Kuala Lumpur, 20)
  • “I’m sitting on the chair drinking coffee that a Star seated once. It’s wonderful.”(Kuala Lumpur, 23)
  • “I went to my favorite singer’s mom’s cafe and felt his energy and saw his photos. I also left him a letter.”(Jakarta, 32)
  • “It was my first time trying Korean food and I loved it except for really spicy food. They were all excellent restaurants.”(Ulaanbaator, 37)
  • “I had a fun time at the biggest club in Asia before the surgery. There are so many tall and good looking guys in Korea.”(Bangkok, 38)