Story about Staff

Managing director Park
I’ve been sick very often since I was young. I’ve always had coughs and flu due to weakness in the respiratory system. Whenever I drank milk or ate cold food I often had diarrhea because of my weak stomach. I also have a few food allergies that irritated my skin so it became itchy. Obviously I was skinnier than other kids thus I was teased a lot.

My parents were struggling to make ends meet and the medical environment wasn’t developed enough in the past days. Nowadays you can find many hospitals in Seoul but thirty years ago there were only a few and the facilities were in very poor conditions.

Many women gave birth at their homes instead of going to a hospital. Thus hygiene was terrible and people often got sick. However, many people didn’t know what kind of disease they had since most of the people never had regular health checkups.

In most cases the disease was already not treatable due to late discovery. Nowadays, we get regular health checkups and treat serious illnesses such as cancer by starting an early treatment. Moreover, to enjoy a happier lifestyle, many people take advantage of cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement, jaw surgery, rhinoplasty, hair transplant or even genital procedures.

I wonder how different it would’ve been if I had received an adequate treatment when I was young. I think I could have been spared the physical and mental pain that I’ve suffered for a long time. I still remember the other kids pointing fingers and laughing at me. Have those kids changed as they aged?They might not point fingers at me directly but maybe they’re still laughing at me inside their heads. I still hesitate to stand in front of other people with confidence. Everybody has secrets and complexes they want to hide. Thus my treatment is still ongoing. I’ve met an excellent doctor and treated my food allergies and strengthen my lung and stomach. However, I am still seeing doctors to be more satisfied with my appearance.

The first reason I started this company is to help people who suffered like me. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through. People should know that there is hope and we can introduce the best hospitals and doctors for a reasonable price in Korea. Watching clients returning to their countries with a better look makes me happy. I want to live a wonderful life and I want to pursue this dream with all of my clients.