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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical tourism?
Also referred to as health tourism and medical travel, medical tourism is a term used by the media to describe travelling internationally to obtain health care.
Why is medical tourism popular?
There are several reasons as to why people travel across international borders instead of obtaining health care in their home country. The first reason is lower costs. Surgeries, for cosmetic purposes or not, are substantially cheaper in Asian countries compared to the United States, Canada, or the UK. Even taking the plane ticket and accommodation into consideration, you will pay just a fraction of the price, without sacrificing the quality of treatment. Waiting periods for surgery will be shorter than in your home country, where there can be a one year wait list for certain procedures.
Who should consider medical tourism?
Any individual who is looking for quality and affordable healthcare should consider medical tourism. You can benefit from Docfinder Korea if you’re in any of the following situations:
  •   You need to have a serious medical procedure like heart surgery, but it is very
        expensive or not available in your country
  •   You are on a wait list but you have chronic pain or disability
  •   Your insurance plan does not cover the procedure you need/want
  •   You want to have plastic surgery in a country where it is practiced routinely
How much money will I save by having surgery in South Korea?
Total savings depend on the procedure you are having, but patients can expect to save at least 50% of the costs compared to their home country.
Does insurance cover any costs?
It is advisable to check if any medical expenses incurred abroad are covered by your insurance plan. If that is the case, DocfinderKorea is happy to produce any necessary documents or receipts for you.
What costs are included in Docfinder Korea quotes?

Quotes emailed to you by Docfinder Korea are inclusive of all in-country expenses regarding on medical service. The cost of the procedure, hospitalization, medication, your personal case manager, local transport and in-country follow-up care are all included in the quote. Airline tickets to/from your home country and tourism in Korea are not included.

How is the quality of South Korean hospitals?

South Korean hospitals hold high standards and their quality of care is outstanding; some of the leading hospitals have higher surgery success rates than those in developed countries. The latest and most advanced equipment is used, and the surgeons are highly trained and experienced. Docfinder Korea only selects hospitals that have been accredited by Ministry of health and welfare, ensuring high quality care.

What procedures can I have done in South Korea?
South Korean hospitals have specialized divisions for most procedures patients are looking for, whether it is plastic surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology or weight loss. If the procedure you want is not listed on the website, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
How are your affiliated hospitals and physicians chosen?
Docfinder Korea has worked extensively with affiliated hospitals and makes personal visits to all institutes and surgeons. Through our rich experiences in the Korean medical field, DocfinderKorea has data who and which hospital is best for each treatment.
Can I access the same hospitals and procedures without DocfinderKorea?
Yes, you could definitely search online for the best hospitals and doctors in South Korea, but the benefit of DocfinderKorea is that we present everything to you in one package without any additional charge. If you don’t use our services you can search and contact hospitals, book appointments, and find accommodation and local transport, but this takes time and can be a hassle. Moreover, you will pay the same price as if you use DocfinderKorea. We will relieve the stress surrounding the logistics of your trip, and add the personal touch you need during hospitalization and recovery.
How do I start the Docfinder Korea process?
Please browse through our website to get a better feel of how we operate and who we are. Feel free to contact us through email or phone with any questions you may have, or if you are ready to get started and would like a quote, fill out the Resevation Form or On-line consultation under Inquiry manu.
Can I choose which hospital I am treated at?
Yes, DocfinderKorea will present you with various options for hospitals and physicians regarding your requested procedure and you will make the final decision.
Can I bring a friend or loved one with me?
It is your decision if you would like someone to accompany you during this surgery holiday. DocfinderKorea will not charge you extra for accommodation or in-country transport, given they are staying in your room.