Health screening in Korea

Health Screening in Korea

The Korean general hospitals provide a wide range of medical examinations and health promotion programs customized to individual patient’s needs. With top-class medical specialists, healthcare professionals, test technicians, nutritionists, and sports medicine professionals on their team, they take a comprehensive approach to medical examinations.
Treatment& service
– They provide specialized service with a team of specialists dedicated to health checkups.

– The Department of Health Exam consists of top-class clinicians specialized in Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Allergy, Radiology, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Psychiatry, and Dentistry.

– The specialists participate in various conferences for knowledge exchange and continuous learning. They also hold departmental workshops and seminars where they research new methods and techniques based on their clinical experience.

– They always put patients first. They believe that patient satisfaction is more important than any other thing and design the health checkups around the patients’ needs.

– The state-of-the-art facility also allows them to provide patients with the most efficient and accurate tests and analysis. State-of-the-art equipments: CT, MRI, PET, colonoscopy, carotid artery ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound.

1. Prompt and systematic referrals for patients diagnosed with cancer and other diseases

2. Customized programs by health coordinators

3. Customized health checkup programs (by age, specialized in cancer, lifestyle, lifecycle program,
premium overnight stay, noble, second visit, etc.)

4. Separate health checkup units for men and women

5. Specially designated rooms for consultations regarding test results

6. Dedicated space for consultations on test results

7. Premium health checkup package consisting of customized tests in a private deluxe room and
a dedicated nurse

8. Healthcare Statistics Lab, continuous research for improved, ultra modern service

1. One-day Health screening program
* Premium
A high-profile program designed to prevent or diagnose cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and various cancers at the early stage. As part of the Premium Healthcare Program Package, patients are entitled to be counseled and examined by professional health managers, and results are to be explained by professors.

* Executive
A program designed for middle-aged individuals 40 years or older. This healthcare program seeks to examine major organ functions, helping to prevent and diagnose diseases and cancers common in adults.

* Tailored
A customized health examination program for individuals who have been closely examined at least twice. This precise health checkup program is provided for life and is based on counseling by the nurse assigned for each individual.

* Comprehensive
A health examination program for adults in their 20s~60s. This program aims to examine internal organs and prevent adult diseases.

* basic
A program for all types of active individuals who need specialized health care in accordance with their personal or family history.

2. Overnight Health screening program
* Overnight premium program
A program designed to provide busy and tired individuals with the opportunity to take sufficient rest in a comfortable ward with nurse care. The top faculty of the hospital are available for counseling and examination for comprehensive health care.
(*minimum length of stay: Two days and one night/three days and two nights)

*Body Measurements & Others
Height, Weight, Blood pressure / Body composition analysis / Dental exam, Dental X-ray(Panorama) / Eye exam (Vision/Fundoscopy/Tonometry) / Hearing test / Metabolic syndrome

HPV test / PSA for men / Urine analysis with microscopy / Ultrasound for kidney / Syphilis(VDRL,TPLA,FTA-ABS) / HIV Test / Chlamydia DNA test

Pap smear / Human Papilloma Virus DNA test / Transvaginal US / Mammogram & Breast US