Woman Cosmetic Surgery

Vaginoplasty Surgery
In the case of a relaxed vagina due to childbirth, aging, or obesity, a cutting edge laser is used to tighten the stretched walls and the pelvic muscle so that the erogenous zone can be found as well as confidence.
Labia Minora Reduction
This procedure corrects the labia minora that was problematic from the start or became discomforting for daily activities, in an aesthetically and functionally pleasing way. A 1:1 personalized system is used for higher satisfactory results.
Clitoral Surgery
Similar in shape to a man’s penis, the clitoris is covered in a hood. The size may be small but it plays a big part in a woman’s sexual experience. For those in which there is excessive foreskin, this can interfere with stimulation and decrease the sexual experience. Also, secretions can get stuck and cause odor or irritation to occur. The surgical method involves incising or pulling the clitoral hood to provide a functional, healthy, and sanitary clitoris.
G-spot Surgery
The G-spot is located 3~4cm inside a woman’s vagina near the entrance and is a main area for sexual pleasure. The G-spot surgery method includes injecting fat or natural collagen to increase sexual stimulation, and thus enhance the sexual feelings of pleasure.