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About DocfinderKorea

What is Medical Tourism?
Crossing the border for medical treatment is no longer a big deal. To help you become beautiful or to treat a disease in the most proper place is the purpose of medical tourism.

What We Do
DocfinderKorea is a medical tourism agency in Korea. Our purpose is to provide the best medical services to our clients by selecting the most suitable doctors and hospitals. We work for people from all over the world who are in need of medical treatment. Our clients are using our services with an easy access from any country by e-mail correspondence, phoning or through on-site branches and partners.
DocfinderKorea is established with experts who have had a career in the medical tourism field for at least five years. Our strength is that we precisely know what a client wants and needs when thinking about a medical tour. According to our experience, clients mostly asked the following questions:
What do patients want and need
  • How can I reduce my fear of the treatment?
  • How can I get the whole process of travelling and hospital searching done conveniently?
  • How can I enjoy my free time?
These are also the reasons why we started this business. Finding solutions for these three questions are what DocfinderKorea does.

Why You Need Us
According to surveys on medical tourists who visited Korea last year, 60% used a medical tourism agency and 40% contacted the hospitals themselves. Patients who came to Korea through a medical tourism agency had 86% satisfaction rate compared to only 75% satisfaction rate for patients who came by themselves. They were mostly unsatisfied with the convenience and problem solving issues.
DocfinderKorea was placed top among other companies with 95% satisfaction rate. Our clients were mostly satisfied with the hospitals and doctors we suggested. We were also scored high on reliability and professionalism. Moreover, our clients were satisfied with how we carefully provide proper information by staying neutral and objective from consultation to after care.


The Korean Associated Press Agency reported that DocfinderKorea, a medical tourism agency achieved the highest satisfaction rate by using a so-called three steps verification system in assisting the clients select the best hospitals for themselves.