Medical tourism agency service


Our Service

DocfinderKorea is a one-stop shop for your cosmetic surgery holiday as well as other medical treatment. We want you to recover in peace, and we are here to make your time in Korea as stress free and comfortable as possible. DocfinderKorea will take care of all the logistics for your surgery, from accommodation and domestic transport, to surgery bookings and consultations. Surgery fees are paid directly to the hospital after consultation. Our staff is available to answer your questions and concerns. You can find out more about our team here.
What We Do
A Provide quotes for all procedures listed
B Assign you a personal DocfinderKorea case manager, so that you are in contact with only one individual from start to finish
C Retrieve medical records
D Provide feedback from your surgeon on your photos and details
E Provide comprehensive information regarding your surgeon, treatment and hospital. Arrange dates and times for all appointments
F Arrange consultations with your surgeon to answer any questions, usually within 24 hours
G Provide airport pickup to/from your hotel in a private vehicle
H Chauffeur you to all appointments
I Assist you with other non-surgical consultations you may have, including beauty and pampering
J Answer any questions you may have regarding post-operative care once you return home
Your Personal DocfinderKorea Case Manager
Your personal DocfinderKorea case manager will accompany you to all hospital appointments and will attend consultations if you choosen. They will assist in all administrative details including hospital admission and discharge, and will visit you in the hospital for three days following surgery. Your case manager, or our nurse on staff, can provide assistance in washing your hair, showering, dressing, or applying lotions. After discharge, you will be in daily contact with your case manager, who will be available to collect your medications, pick up meals, or provide assistance in whichever manner necessary.