Medical tourism in south korea


Our Value of Medical Tourism Korea

What You Want is Our Value
The experiences we gained while working in the medical tourism field have become a compass on our path. We regard our clients’ wish as the value and purpose of our company. Our commitment is to work hard continuously for our clients’ 3H (Hope, Humanity and Happiness).
“I wish I could have a pretty face and nice body just like Korean superstars” (age 25, Beijing)
“I was diagnosed with stomach cancer at age 50, but now I have new hope to live at least 30 more years” (age 51, Russia)
“I don’t want anyone to see me looking terrible. I want to live just one day looking normal” (age 62, U.S.A.)
“Life is unfair. Why me? I want to be happy” (age 27, Malaysia)
“I’ve been dumped often because of my jaw but now I’m happy that I can live like a pretty girl” (age 31, Thailand)
“Every morning, I’m happy to see my new face in the mirror” (age 33, U.S.A.)
We are pursuing 3H
  • Hope (hope to have a healthy and beautiful figure from head to toe)
  • Humanity (the dignity to stand in front of other people with confidence)
  • Happiness (happiness to enjoy life through a changed appearance)
Our Characteristics

– Safety and Reliability

DocfinderKorea is a reliable medical tourism company certified by the Korean government. We are an official agency accredited by the government with business license, medical tour certification and insurance. We also maintain a close cooperation scheme with the Medical Dispute Mediation Committee and work hand in hand with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Culture and other government medical tour departments in order to grow to be the best medical tour company.


– Professionalism and Hospital Selection

DocfinderKorea does not own any hospitals. We maintain a network system with specialized and renowned hospitals which have the latest medical technology. Additionally we use the National Health Information database to evaluate hospitals, such as satisfaction rate and accident rate in order to recommend the most suitable hospitals to our clients.


– Convenience and Rationality

DocfinderKorea focuses on each client with greatest care and provides the most convenient service. As a young company all executive and customer service oriented staff members are passionate and ready twenty-four-seven to provide care to patients visiting Korea. DocfinderKorea has been introduced by the Korean press as the most recommendable company for successful medical tour.