Story about Staff

Managing director Danny Kim
I used to work as a coordinator and medical tour marketing executive at the biggest oriental medicine hospital in Korea for a long time. Patients from Japan, Russia, the United States and Middle East came to our hospital every day. I was full of confidence when I started that job because I had been working at an airline company in Hongkong before and therefore I had experience working with foreigners. However, it was much more challenging than I thought. It was extremely complicated and delicate because these people came from different backgrounds and were seeking for the most sensitive treatment.

Many of my family members are doctors: my father, sister and brother in law. I was never away from hospitals. The hospitals were my playground and the doctor’s white overall as well as the stethoscope were my toys. In fact, I hated the patients coming to the hospital when I was young. More patients meant my father was busier and he had less time to play with me. But my father never turned down any patients even if they came after office hours. He always treated all the patients sincerely but I blamed him for coming home late.

When I was almost an adult, my father became seriously ill. A doctor needed another doctor’s help. Since my father was a doctor he had a lot of good colleagues who could treat him well. My father needed a blood vessel transplant operation which went successfully and to our relief he regained his health. Now I can talk about it like an anecdote but it was a very hard time for us back then. This incident made me appreciate and realize the importance of doctors. I believe that this became the reason why my sister decided to become a doctor.

Looking back to this experience, I also consider medical tourism as the perfect job for me. Every patient coming for help is someone’s loved one. I had one motto when I started this medical tourism company: Find perfect doctors for clients who found me and my company. That’s why this company is called “DocfinderKorea”. The doctors in Korea do not cure every illness, but in certain fields they have the best equipment and skills. I connect a cancer patient to the best cancer specialist, a patient who needs a liver transplant to the best liver transplant specialist, a patient suffering from a cardiovascular disorder to the best cardiovascular specialist and of course the best plastic surgery doctor to a person who wants to change face and body. This job is the talent and gift that my father gave to me.