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New nose, new self-esteem.

L*** works at a foreign-affiliated firm in Hongkong. We assumed why she came to us when we looked at her photo in her email. In fact, she was not ugly, but not quite beautiful because of her nose. Her nose was stubby like a pig’s nose.
“My nose is flat and people call it “pig nose”. People say that I look pretty but I’m so stressed about my nose. I only saw my nose holes whenever I took pictures. It was really hard to see my face as a whole.”
“I couldn’t even dream about getting plastic surgery when I was young. I took it as faith and a lot of people in Hongkong think the same. But working at a foreign-affiliated firm with a lot of foreigners changed my mind set. My co-workers’ changed face or breasts over a vacation changed my values also.”
Especially a European pointy nose has been her dream. Her flat nose looked so ugly compared to their pointy nose. She was full of hope that she could start a new life if she could only change her nose. She often felt ashamed because of her nose even when she was having a good day. Whenever she went to a party looking stunning, she always ended up feeling like a loser because of her nose.
“I told the doctors that I wanted a nose like Song Hye-gyo or Han Ga-In. I know it wouldn’t look exactly the same but I didn’t want to see my ugly nose anymore. I saw the expected simulation and I loved it. I was looking forward to the surgery date.”
The medical team said that it’s not a hard procedure to do a surgery on a typical pig nose that a lot of East Asians have. But it was difficult to have a balanced looking face after the nose surgery because she had pretty big cheekbones and jawbones. They also mentioned that her wide face structure can be narrow and slender with a facial contouring operation. She decided to get her nose done first.
Before the surgery her doctor mentioned that it would hurt more than other nose surgeries since the procedure was dealing with the aquiline bone. It was painful indeed. But after 3 days, all of the pain started to disappear and the bloating subsided slowly.
“My face was really bloated until 3 days after the surgery. I was surprised to see that my face was bloated like I had surgery on my whole face. My skin was also bruised. But the real pain was that I was not able to wash my hair.”
“My nose looked like it’s settling down decently after the stitches were taken out. The scar healed without a trace. I took off the splint and started massaging my nose regularly. ‘We narrowed the implant’s width and did the procedure as slim as possible. The result was fascinating.’ I felt like I won a lottery when I heard the doctor’s words.
The appearance of my nose was definitely different a month later. It didn’t feel so long ago that I suffered from pain and discomfort but I’ve forgotten all about it by looking at my nose changing day by day. Other people’s reaction was very explosive too. I’ve heard from many people that my facial impression changed. She was very satisfied with the fact that she now has a pointy and pretty nose like a celebrity.
“The best feeling after the surgery? My friends tell me that my nose look very natural whenever they see me. I’m so happy that I feel confident about myself after the nose job. Another thing is that my glasses don’t slide down on my nose anymore. I’m not afraid of wearing sunglasses anymore.“
Her new habit is taking photos of herself. She used to hate taking pictures of her side profile but it became her favorite thing now.
(L***, 34 years old, from Hongkong, Nose Surgery)
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