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Transformation into a favorite celebrity.

S** wrote a diary while waiting to depart to Korea from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was worried a lot because it was her first time visiting Korea. She said she appreciated our careful and kind services and delivered us her diary. She also said that she hopes that her diary could help other patients. Below is her diary.
#1 A transformation story of a flat nose and small eyes.
I will overcome my inferiority complex at ** plastic surgery hospital.
Tomorrow is the surgery day. The tip of my nose is flat and I have small eyes, sagging jowls and nasolabial lines. I want to fix these as soon as possible. I want to have a sharp nose. I decided to get inner double eyelids by the embedding method and epicanthoplasty surgery. My ear cartilage will be used to make my nose tip. All the people who went through this procedure mentioned that their ears hurt more than their nose. I wonder how much it’ll hurt but I can definitely put up with it if it can make me prettier.
I have to fast before the surgery. And I am not allowed to drink or smoke after the surgery because it can induce an infection. Fortunately I don’t drink or smoke.
#2 Surgery day. It does not hurt as much as expected.
I finally had the surgery today! I feel drowsy and I can’t see very clearly. My vision is a little blurry because of some ointment the doctor put on my eyes. My face is very bloated since I’ve got my eyes, nose and lipo-injection done altogether. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I’m not worried about the result because it’s such a common surgery and it is a very reliable hospital. The medical team also said that the surgery went great.
The doctors put a sketch on my face after I changed into a surgery gown. It was like they were scribbling on my face. I was told that they wouldn’t put me in a deep sleep for my eye lid surgery because my eyes need to be blinked few times during the surgery. Then they put me in a deep sleep for nose and lipo-injection surgery. It was all over when I woke up.
I was so worried how much it’d hurt when I wake up from anesthesia but it didn’t hurt at all. When will the swelling on my face be gone? I want it to be gone soon!
#3 5 days after the surgery. I still feel awkward to see my bruised face.
It’s been 5 days since the surgery. My face is still swollen but it’s a lot better than the first day. I can definitely see the swelling decline but the bruises are turning more purple. I have slept seated since I heard it’s better for my face. My butttocks are little bit sore since fat was extracted out of them. In many cases, fat gets extracted from thighs or tummy, but I was low in fat and skinny I had to get it out of my buttocks.
My eyes are more purple than swollen after 5 days. I think they look pretty natural without the swelling, just the way I wanted them to be. I like my nose too but I really want to see it without the bandage and swelling. My nasolabial lines disappeared too. I can’t wait until the swelling subsides. I’ve been eating Korean pumpkin soup, which is really delicious. The doctor recommended that it’s the best food that helps subside the swelling.
#4 1~2 weeks after the surgery, the swelling subsiding slowly
I feel so relieved without the thing on my nose. I compared my nose with the before picture. It definitely looks higher and I even like it even though it looks bigger since it’s still swollen. The incision part below my nose closed up really good after the stitches were taken out. I don’t think it’ll leave a scar. My eyes look natural. It turned out just the way I wanted, not too much.
It’s already been 2 weeks since the surgery. I was worried when the swelling would go away but they are subsiding indeed. I’m delighted to see my face changing day by day. I’ve sent photos via e-mails to my friends in Kuala Lumpur and they all said that they looked like my natural eyes. They admired my nose that look so much more slender without the swelling now.
#5 1 month after the surgery. Transforming into a more beautiful face
The swelling that I was worried about has subsided noticeably. The bruising under my eyes look like dark circles, but it’s not noticeable if I put on some concealer. It’s too early to say but I love it so far because my face looks so much different when I compare myself with the pictures I took before the surgery. The eyes and nose were the parts I’ve wanted to do but I wasn’t sure about the lipo-injection surgery. But it looks so much better in photos with some fat on my face. It was a good thing that I took the doctor’s advice. My nose looks very high right now because it’s the part where the swelling stays for a long time. I’ve always wanted a high nose but I can’t wait to find out how it’ll feel without the swelling
#6 2 months after the surgery
My face is turning into a decent feature with the lipo-injected jowls settling in. I went to a hair salon not too long ago and they were surprised to see my face because it looked so natural.
The time for my second lipo-injection is coming. I have to go to Korea again. The doctor saved some fat which he extracted on the first time and it needs to be injected within 3 months. If not, he has to extract the fat again. It’ll look natural faster since the swelling is less than the first time.
#7 3 months after the surgery.
When I meet new people, they do not realize unless I tell them that I’ve done a surgery on my face. They tell me that my face looks smaller after the surgery. I’m experiencing a lot of good effects. I’m still careful even though it’s been a long time. I avoid rubbing my eyes because there has been some cases where the eye lids became loose because of excessive eye rubbing.
The tingling feeling on my nose is completely gone the contour of my nose is becoming more clear. I like how my sagging jowls look plumped when I take photos after the lipo-injection.
#8 4 months after the surgery. Well-defined features.
I am enjoying my well-defined features 4 months after the surgery. My face used to look dull but now I have well-defined features. I’m so happy to see satisfied images when I take photos. My nose looked too high at the first time but it looks appropriate now. Everybody tells me that I have a beautiful nose. Most of them do not recognize that it’s been operated. I take more and more photos with my new face now and I’m so happy.
(**, 45 years old, from Kuala Lumpur, eyes, nose, lipo-injection)
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