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Square Face” turned into “Beautiful Face”

“I’ve often heard that I look “manly” because of my angular face. My job requires me to speak in front of other people and my low self-esteem often made me want to quit my job. But after the surgery, many of my clients tell me that I look like a celebrity.
Lee** suffered from “Square Jaw Complex”. She works in the service industry and she came to Korea to get plastic surgery. after finding DocFinderKorea on Google search.
“There are lots of decent plastic surgery hospitals in Singapore or Thailand. But the current trend of plastic surgery is Korea. I wanted to go to a more famous place if I was going to get it done anyways. I liked the fact that the best plastic surgery hospital in the world wasn’t that far away. Korea is also the place I have always wanted to travel to.”
At first her friends and family stopped her from coming to Korea. Her family suggested her to get it done in Singapore. But she insisted on coming to Korea.
“I’ve heard that there are hundreds of plastic surgery hospitals in Gangnam, Seoul. I’ve seen in the news that a lot of celebrities from China and Hongkong go to Gangnam to get plastic surgery. If that was true, I thought it was worth it.”
What was the biggest reason why she decided to get plastic surgery? Lee wanted to become more beautiful and confident so she can stand in front of other people without feeling small. The hope she had was to become a main character in her own life without a square jaw and stress that was following her since her childhood.
“I hated my square jaw that looked so manly whenever I took pictures. I always had to tie my hair back to work except on the weekends and my jaw always bothered me. I thought it’d be so much better to live a happy life after suffering for a month than living like this for the rest of my life.”
Lee sent us an e-mail from Singapore and let us know how her life was turned around after the surgery. She said that it felt like yesterday when she was eating Korean porridge waiting for the day to unwrap the bandage.
“Time passes by so quickly. I can’t believe it’s already been half a year since I was eating and hanging out for recovery.”
All of her friends and family members who stopped her from getting the surgery now became a big fan of Korea. They are the people who have been watching her fantastic makeover from the start to the end. Lee’s mom and sister have the same square jaw complex and they also consulted with DocfinderKorea. Both of them are coming to Korea in March to get the surgery. Lee’s mom is going to get liposuction surgery as well.
“I was promoted at my work and I’m getting married with my boyfriend next year. I’m experiencing how a surgery can change my life. Thank you very much.”
She is planning to visit Korea once again to get “Star Photo Shoot” done for new years. She got the idea when she saw the photo shoots that celebrities take to show off their face and body when she first visited Korea. She said she wanted to keep her beautiful look forever in the photo. She will show off her photos to her friends. “I want to keep my own Star Photo Shoot forever. I’d never had thought of it 1 year ago.
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