Post care service after medical tour


Post Care Service

We offer the best way for you to find beauty as well as health after the surgery. The hospital and doctors help you to recover to the best condition until the day you return home. You must follow strict managements after the operation and control yourself. Even after your return to your country, we will continuously contact you to make sure you turn into a perfect condition.
What We Do
A Our manager will visit you or contact you daily after discharge, and is available for any requirement you have, such as running errands on medications or collecting your shopping if you are weak.
B We offer an atmosphere of calm and restfulness for your fast recovery.
C You can find your inner calm, soothe your tired mind and body, and find spiritual tranquility by interacting through DocfinderKorea’s interactive wellness concierge.
D We recommend you the spa packages, massage, yoga, skin care and nail care to comfort mind and body if you are able to go out. You can also have an enjoyable time with family and friends outside.
E We arrange any follow up needed between you and your surgeon if you have questions once you return home.