How to prepare medical tour in Korea


Easy steps

How to Get Started
1. Submit an Enquiry
The first step towards a happier you is submitting an enquiry to or you can find the online-consultation here. It is recommended, but not obligatory, that you include photos of yourself. If photos are not included, we cannot guarantee surgical quotes, as they are based on average body type ranges. After determining the procedure or treatment best for you, you will receive an email listing quotes for the requested procedure, including all costs and the estimated length of stay in South Korea.
2. Submit the Reservation form

If you are happy with the chosen treatment, expected results, and total costs, it is now time to confirm your cosmetic surgery!

You can complete the Reservation Form here, which includes a complete medical questionnaire.

3. Send us your Confirmation of Travel
DocfinderKorea does not book travel to/from Seoul, South Korea; it is your own responsibility to book your mode of transport. After confirming your cosmetic surgery, please send us your confirmation of travel, so that we can prepare a detailed itinerary for you.
4. Receive your Personalized Itinerary
Your personalized itinerary includes the dates for pre-operative consultation, medical tests, doctor consultation, and surgery/treatment. Detailed information for pre and post-operative care is included in your package.
5. Arrive in Seoul, South Korea
Your DocfinderKorea Case Manager will be waiting for you at the airport in South Korea, ready to take you to your hotel and commence your cosmetic surgery holiday!