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  • “My friends still tell me that they can’t believe it since my body turned sexy.”(Singapore, 28)
  • “My manly bulging tummy is now almost gone. I can wear two-pieces or one-piece without a problem.”(Kuala Lumpur, 38)
  • “1000cc fat has been removed from all over my body. I wanted to take out more but the doctor convinced me that my body is not in a condition to do so for now. I have to try again later.”(Shanghai, 23)
  • “It’s the time in my life that I couldn’t wash myself for this long. I felt a lot better changing into a sleeveless top instead of body shaping underwear after a week. It’s still hard to lie down and stand up but it’s amazing how fast the recovery time is.”(Ulaanbaator, 24)
  • “Those wrinkles all over my face are completely gone. I have to maintain a good after care at home like the doctor advised. I’ll be coming to the hospital once a year to get wrinkle treatment from now on.”(Taipei, 42)
  • “It has been my dreams to become younger and sexy. I’m not 100% satisfied but I’m thankful for now.”(Vladivostok, 45)
  • “The wrinkles under my eyes and dark circles caused me to look 10 years older. Now I look so much younger. I want to thank DocfinderKorea.” (Jakarta, 50)
  • “My sunken forehead is now convex forehead and my eye wrinkles are completely gone. My face looked like an old lady because of deep nasolabial lines but now I look so much younger than my 10 years younger friends. They all ask where I got them done.”(Bangkok, 38)
  • “I can’t stand in front of other people looking ill like this. My face looks terrible with many wrinkles, freckles and blemish. I want to look like a normal person even if I live just a day.”(Singapore, 53)
  • “My sagging arms are now tight again. I’d like to thank my Korean doctor. What should I get done next?” (Bangkok, 53)
  • “Black hair is growing from the part where hair was transplanted. I don’t think I’ll need to wear a hat anymore.”(Hongkong, 32)