Testimonials breast surgery in Korea



  • “Bye-bye to padded bras. Bye-bye to having to wear thicker clothes than others!”(Hongkong, 30)
  • “I have made a big decision in my mid twenties. I decided to get breast enlargement surgery to love myself more. I was more excited than feeling nervous or scared.”(Bangkok, 26)
  • “I’ve been buying all the lingeries that I’ve been wishing to have at Pacific Place every weekend. It’s not awkward lying on the side. It feels so satisfying just trying on underwear.”(Jakarta, 24)
  • “I went to a studio for a photo shoot. I look stunning just with a tank-top. My friends say that my waist look slender due to my bigger breasts.”(Ulaanbaator, 28)
  • “My husband had a lukewarm reaction toward the surgery but now he’s so happy and massages my breasts everyday.”(Bangkok, 44)
  • “I can possibly lie on the side or lie on my face for a short time. It’s good that the recovery time seems pretty fast. I’m wearing a band to correct the top part of my breasts. The shape looks natural and feels smoother.”(Jakarta, 39)
  • “The pain in the morning was gone magically. There has been pressing pain. My breasts are shaped like water drops and they are becoming more natural day by day. They really started to feel like my own breasts.”(Hongkong, 33)
  • “It’s been only 2 weeks now but my confidence level skyrocketed as if I’ve had them for 25 years. I look stunning in clothes. I wish I’d done it sooner.”(Singapore, 25)
  • “My friends envied me for being skinny but I had a problem. My breasts. Others tell me that they are big enough but they look so small to me. I need to get married soon too..”(Singapore, 30)
  • “It didn’t hurt as much as I had expected thanks to painless injection. Just a little dizziness after the surgery. Not much pain even after a week. Just a little swelling on my breasts but they look big at a glance. I’m very satisfied for now.”(Kuala Lumpur, 30)
  • “My friends are so envious. I’ve only shown my breasts to my best friend. She said she’s never seen breasts like water drops like mine and so did I. She said they look fantastic and she wants to get it done as well.”(Shanghai, 25)
  • “I didn’t even need to wear a bra during winter time. I was skinny but it was too cruel. My back and front looked the same. My friends were more surprised than I was after the surgery. They were more fascinated when I told them that my breasts don’t need to be massaged since they are textured.”(Beijing, 28)