Testimonials eye nose surgery in korea



  • “Now my nose looks perfect from any angle. A piggy nose turned into a prominent nose. It was flat but it rose up glamorously. It’s amazing.”(Jakarta, 32)
  • “People around me say that eyes and nose job is not even considered as a plastic surgery nowadays. Bigger eyes and higher nose. My flat face turned into a three-dimensional face. It was flat but now has curves.”(Hongkong, 28)
  • “My nose was the size of a baby’s fist. It transformed into a Korean celebrity nose. My mom loves how she looks so much younger after she received wrinkle treatment. It was an excellent choice to visit Korea with my mom.”(Kuala Lumpur, 35)
  • “I smile whenever I see my slender nose that transformed from a round and hooked nose.”(Shanghai, 25)
  • “My widespread nose looks good now. It’s making my facial feature look narrow too. I’ve never known something as good as this existed. I wish I’d known this sooner.”(Bangkok, 29)
  • “My flat and round nose made my face look wider. My face looks very dull. I’m going to make my nose higher and will say good-bye to my wide and flabby face.”(Singapore, 23)
  • “I looked at the mirror after the bandage was taken out. The bridge of the nose was sharp. I want to show it to my friends ASAP.”(Osaka, 30)
  • “I’ve seen somewhere that someone had a slimmer face after a nose surgery. That’s what I was looking for. My friends told me that my facial expression has gotten brighter after the surgery.”(Macau, 36)
  • “My eyes became much bigger after some eyes correction with fat removal under my eyes. I look so much younger now. I’ll be doing my breasts next time!”(Singapore, 40)
  • “People around me stopped me from doing a surgery saying that I was 35 years already. Sagging and boring eyes. I always envied the celebrities in television with big round eyes. My eyes look uglier with the glasses on. Please change my eyes.”(Hongkong, 35)
  • “My flat forehead turned into a voluptuous forehead. My eyelids became incomparably thicker than before. You can only see a little part of my nose holes now. My desired face is completed.”(Shanghai, 22)
  • “I was upset and worried that my surgery failed when I first saw my swollen and bruised eyes. But I soon changed my thought when I saw my new face recovering.”(Tokyo, 39)