Testimonials facial contouring surgery in korea



  • “I always looked grouchy because of my prominent cheekbone and mouth. I had all the bad facial expressions on my face. My cousin was so surprised to see my changed look. She said she wants to have a surgery as well if it does not hurt much.”(Shanghai, 33)
  • “My cheekbone was prominent and my nose was flat. I always had my hair long to cover my squared jaw and dull face. It was really hard during summer time.”(Shanghai, 30)
  • “All of the pain is caused from dislocated upper teeth and lower teeth is gone. I was often rejected by guys because of my jaw but now I’m happy that I can live like a party girl.”(Singapore, 23)
  • “I’m happy to see my transformed face in the mirror every morning. I look 20 years younger without all those wrinkles that I used to have on my face. I now know why al those movie stars never look old.”(33, Moscow)
  • “My face was dark, squared and had a lot of freckles. Bimaxillary operation is known as the most difficult operation but I felt like I became “Snow White” because of this surgery.”(Jakarta, 26)
  • “My face turned into a well-defined sexy face from a dull face. The money that I spent was so worth it. I rather regret not getting it done earlier.”(Hongkong, 36)
  • “I always worried about my round nose and squared jaw for 30 years. I went ahead with facial contouring surgery and nose surgery. There have been people who did not recognize me after the surgery. It would acclimatize soon.”(Bangkok, 43)
  • “I could never cover up my mouth with any beautiful make up. I hated my prominent mouth and dark skin color. I fixed my mouth and made my skin tone a little brighter in Korea.”(Kuala Lumpur, 31)
  • “I can chew any hard food after 10 weeks. I don’t even remember my old angular face. Go my new life!”(Jakarta, 34)
  • “I had a serious lantern jaw and asymmetrical face. I was teased a lot during my childhood. I’ve always had digestive problems and didn’t know why. I was told that it was because of my lantern jaw and asymmetrical face.”(Tokyo, 28)
  • “I could go on a diet and lose weight in virtue of a bimaxillary surgery. I’m so happy these days.”(Shanghai, 28)
  • “My jaw was seriously prominent and now people don’t recognize me. Bimaxillary operation is really fantastic. I feel like I’m gifted with a new life.”(Beijing, 27)