Testimonials medical service Korea



  • “We finally saw hope after going through lots of surgeries and therapies. Perfectly clear on blood test too. Thank you God.”(Moscow, 55)
  • “I’m 50 now and I still want to live 50 more years. I will live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.”(Vladivostok, 50)
  • “I met patients who lived 10 years after a liver transplant at an event in a hospital. We could not understand each other but I held their hands and felt their spirits. I’m just so thankful.”(Singapore, 58)
  • “I was worried that I was pale and couldn’t pass gas after the surgery but the doctor said that the surgery went great. I was so happy to hear that although they had to do gastrotomy it wouldn’t affect my life.”(Hongkong, 62)
  • “Life is unfair. I’ve always had pain in my life. But my thoughts completely changed after I came to Korea. My troubling spine now became healthy. I can now move my arms freely too. Thank you.”(Jakarta, 56)
  • “I’ve heard news about successful mechanical heart surgery in Korea. It’s not even imaginable in my country.”(Jakarta, 59)
  • “It took some time but I’m finally pregnant. I tried for 10 years in Russia but failed. I can’t stop crying. I will never forget this moment.”(Vladivostok, 38)
  • “I could not get a genital enlargement surgery in my country. Korea’s science is genius. My confidence is now recovered. I love you Korea.”(Ulaanbaator, 39)