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Tour & Shopping Service

You can choose between recommended course and selective course. Our recommended course gives you the opportunity to visit attraction in/near Seoul. Selective course means that you can decide where you want to go.
If you love nature, you can watch or climb the beautiful mountains. You can spend the day in Temple stay or recreation forest experience with barbecue.
What We Do
A Our winter course offers you to enjoy white snow in a ski resort. Snowboarding and ski lesson are available for beginners to advanced levels.
B You can visit one of Korea’s famous hot springs. Take a hot bath in the outdoor pool surrounded by snow or enjoy bathing indoor with your family. Korean hot springs also offer kids pools.
C We help you during your stay to enjoy 24-hour shopping. Enjoy shopping in duty-free shops in high-end department stores, malls, shopping street, pop-up stores, traditional markets, hypermarkets and electronic devices stores.
D We make sure you do not get ripped off while you are out on shopping.
E We help you to shop good quality clothing that can be purchased inexpensively at department stores, or even at luxury stores where celebrities shop.
F Beauty shopping is our female customers’ favorite shopping course. We can help you to purchase famous Korea cosmetic brands for reasonable prices.
G You can try Samsung or LG’s latest electronic products and IT and we can help you to do some inexpensive shopping.