Two jaw surgery korea


Good-bye Flat Face!

“It’s amazing how my face changes day by day. Today’s face is different than yesterday’s face. It’ll look a lot prettier as the time passes, right?”
L** came from Jakarta, Indonesia. She was impressed by how her face changed a bit every day. It was really hard when she kept falling asleep because of the anesthesia. She couldn’t breathe well; felt suffocated and even had phlegm. But she could finally feel that she was changing slowly and it felt amazing.
“My sister said that I looked like a frog after the surgery. My face was really bloated. But I felt that my face was changing as the bloating subsided.”
She realized that her jaw was different when she was at age 7. Her long lantern jaw was like a big lump on her face.
“I wanted to get away from my long lantern jaw but didn’t have the courage.”
She thought of getting a surgery overseas but she was scared. She couldn’t just ignore her religion which taboos plastic surgery. Not many of her friends truly understood her trouble.
Most of people said to her “Just live as it is”, “Don’t get a surgery”, “It wouldn’t change whole a lot”. What really moved her mind was Korean drama. It was a Korean drama that once was really famous in Jakarta; she was carried away with the look of the main character’s face. She started to search for information about that actress and found out that the actress had plastic surgery a few years before.
“I’ve never been interested in plastic surgery before. It was a shock when I heard that my “want to-be” person has gone through plastic surgery. I knew that a lot of actresses in Korea undergo many plastic surgeries, I but didn’t imagine that she’d done it also.”
She said that her values and perspective of life has changed. She no longer wanted to care what other people think or say. They do not live her life for her.
All the people who told me not to do surgery had an ambivalent attitude. I know that they’d said that I was ugly behind my back. I don’t need to listen to those people because it’s always me who gets hurt and suffer from it.
Then my perception about plastic surgery changed. Plastic surgery wasn’t a forbidden thing. It’s like a skin care treatment that makes a woman look more beautiful. It’s just a difference of perception. What’s important is the present. If I’m ugly, I am ugly and if I’m pretty, people will think that I’m pretty. It doesn’t matter if I had plastic surgery in the past or not.”
Last October 5th was the day she said good-bye to her long lantern jaw that troubled her for 15 years. She said she will replace this date as her birthday. Her doctor recommended two jaw surgery for her long jaw that caused pain. He said that her face will look much prettier and will have a smooth facial impression. Two jaw Surgery is one of the most difficult and complicated surgery among other plastic surgeries but she agreed to the surgery even after she was told that she has to get dental treatment after she returns to Indonesia. In Seoul, she had to stay for a month to go through the process.
“After I had consultation with many doctors, I thought this was the surgery that I needed the most even thought it’s a very tough surgery. I’ve heard that a lot of Korean celebrities get two jaw surgery. I’ve seen 3 very tall and handsome model guys getting the surgery done. They already looked so handsome but they got the surgery still.”
Now she is going through her last makeover. She’s been getting orthodontic treatment for 4 months after the surgery. She’s putting up with the discomfort to become prettier. It was always necessary to photoshop her pictures before but now there is no need to do so.
“I can now eat normally since most of my senses came back on my jaw. Bloating subsided, too. In fact, people already tell me that I look stunning. My makeover will be over if my orthodontic treatment is over and I can’t wait for that.”
(L**, 22 years old, from Jakarta, Two Jaw Surgery)
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