Post-Surgery Meal- What to Eat & What to Avoid?


Post-Surgery Meal- What to Eat & What to Avoid?

It is important to consume the right types of food to help you heal quickly. Surgery can be difficult, and transitioning from hospital to home is important when focusing on healing. .

Here is a list of foods to AVOID after surgery:

  •  Food that can lead to constipation

  •  Avoid too spicy & salty food

  •  Alcoholic beverages

  •  Highly processed foods

  •  Fried or fatty foods

Food that is GOOD for you after surgery. A clear liquid diet for making digestion easier for your GI tract. Some examples are water, tea, clear soup, and fresh juice such as cranberry, pumpkin, and apple. For a full and thick liquid diet after surgery, there are creamy porridges, cereals, soups, gelatin, yogurts, and fruit & veggie juices.

Best foods in a post-surgery diet include the following:

  •  Whole grains ex. (Oatmeal’s, cereals, whole-wheat bread, pasta, buckwheat noodles, barley, brown rice)

  •  Fresh produce ex. (Berries, citrus fruits, pumpkin, leafy greens)

  •  Food rich in calcium- Sardines & soybeans. Ensures bone and muscle strength, proper blood clotting and better nerve impulse regulation

  •  Foods rich in iron- dried fruits, nuts, beans, soybean flour (To replenish red blood cells, especially if your operation involved some blood loss)

  •  Korean soups- Soups often include hearty veggies, protein and herbs which will be beneficial for your health in many ways